Sinking (The Journey of Sin - Part I)

from Have a Seat by Inner Odyssey

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From: Have a Seat (2011)


Out on the weeping oceans
Of this cold-hearted life
With blood-soaked emotions
Under the pouring clouds’ strife
Drifting far ashore I lie
In this mortuary barge
Fleeing my mind’s inner war
On the sea, so lonesome and large

There is no running away
When you play with death
It decays your soul
And poisons your very breath
And when the black tides split broad
When the sky seems to frown
Before such forces I’m awed
‘Til I begin to drown

Tracked down by the demons of my own
Losing grasp of reality
Slipping off the zone
In the whirlpool of my sins
Darkness has grown
And invaded me, infected me
While I was alone

Come with me, further in the depths
Of my hell, and have a seat please
Enjoy your stay, don’t be afraid
Of death, tonight she’s my guest
So be at ease

With all my broken promises, I’m a wreck
Sinking down, deeper in the abysses
Where I endlessly drown

In the coldest waters
My blazing spirit shatters
Like glass, falling apart
The ramparts of my heart
In the vacuum of time
There ain’t no turning back
I’ve crossed the impassable
Line, and my heart has turned

I had promised myself
That I wouldn’t be like him
No matter what I’ve been through
But I couldn’t forgive him
Couldn’t help myself not to hate
The thought of his blood flooding into my veins
I could not handle the pain
Could not retain the anger that led me
To take the life of the one who gave it to me

And now I am sinking
In a journey through the waves
From the cradle to the grave
The waves of destiny
The black tide calling me
A journey through the waves
From the cradle to the grave


from Have a Seat, released April 2, 2015


all rights reserved



Inner Odyssey Québec

Inner Odyssey offers modern progressive music, both complex and accessible, without denying its ‘70s progressive rock classics roots. Sharing between them a varied musical background of rock, progressive, metal, jazz and pop music, the five musicians play a neo-progressive style characterized by a skillful balance between technical virtuosity and accessibility. ... more

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