The Void (Digital)

by Inner Odyssey

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The Void

1. Overhanging
2. The Reckoning
3. Into the Void
4. Don’t Walk way
5. I’m Fine
6. Endgame
7. Nemesis
8. Continue Without Saving
9. The Great Collapse


released March 1, 2020

Lyrics : Vincent Leboeuf Gadreau
Music : Vincent Leboeuf Gadreau & Mathieu Cossette

Recording : Antoine Baril
Mix & Mastering : David Lizotte

Artwork : Keven Stapleton

Booking :

* Ce projet a été réalisé grâce au soutien de la mesure d’aide Première Ovation de la Ville de Québec et du gouvernement du Québec.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Overhanging
Feels like I’m still flying
Above this wicked world

Feels like I’m still dreaming
My mind is going numb

Feels like I’m still fighting
Something deep inside
Feels like I’m still drifting

Far beyond the haze of time
Far beyond the reach of mind

There’s a place where I can find
A mean to ease this inner fight
Track Name: The Reckoning
It doesn’t affect me
You can choke on your guilt
I can easily live without
The « us » that we’ve built

It caught me off guard though
The way you waved your flag
A white flag, cold and cruel
Symbol of my demise

I won’t stand and witness
Your reckoning
I won’t stand and watch you
Rise above me

And now I’m on my own
I’m drifting afar
Deep into the void
To a place that I call Home
(The only place that I can call home)
Track Name: Into the Void
Into the void
There’s no one here to play
The game is over
The lobby’s been deserted for days

Into the void
Now I’ve got time to think
I’ve reached the end
My reward center is shutting down

Into the void
(Into the void)

Into the void
These rare moments of clarity
They tend to vanish
As swiftly as they appear

Into the void
Just another vain attempt
To reach for help
Before the door shuts again

Into the void
(Into the void)
Track Name: Don’t Walk way
Eager to fall asleep and turn off the light
On reality with comforting lies
And drift away, Where I can’t hear those inner cries

Deeper into the maze of self denial
I’m sinking into this virtual life
Can’t wait to be on the other side of my mind

Don’t walk away from me
You’re all that stands between me and the void of my dreams
Please don’t walk away from me
In this crucial time of need

This altered reality is all I can find
To forget my sins by numbing my mind
And redefine what it is to be alive

Further into the mist of unconscious lies
There’s nothing left behind those empty eyes
I don’t even know anymore what it means to die

Don’t walk away from me
You’re all that stands between me and the void of my dreams
Please don’t walk away from me
I need some time to heal
I’m just not used to something real
Please don’t walk away from me
In this crucial time of need
Don’t walk away
from all we’ve tried to build
Don’t walk away from me
Away from me
Track Name: Endgame
Welcome to the title screen
Now pick your new identity
You can be a Warrior, a Rogue, even a Mage!
You should like it here

You’ve come to the right place
If you want to journey through time and space
It’s an adventure! It’s like a dream!
It’s a place where you’ll find peace

You can fly to farthest skies
And swim into magical streams
You can buy Weapons, Armors and Stuff!
And live your wildest dreams

But when you make it to Endgame, you’ll find
That life is much harder to understand, you
should learn that in time

And if you want to speed things up
And finally make it to the top
You have to give it all you’ve got
Nothing should ever make you stop

You have to leave it all behind
The fun and passion, you have to find
The strength to go on anyway
Before you fall astray

There’s a million places to explore
Enchanted forests, ruins and more
Beware of the monsters on the run
And don’t forget to have fun!

We’ve all signed up for a quest for joy
Stop wasting time and join the club
There’s a wonderful journey up ahead!
Your quest has just begun!

But what’s the point in playing the game?
If you cannot even pull your own strings?
To get better, faster, stronger
To go farther, higher, deeper
Can’t afford to go under
These high performance standards
Track Name: The Great Collapse
It feels like I’m coming home
It feels like I’ve been here before
It feels so weird and yet so comforting
It feels like I’m home again

The sweet taste of relapse
A moment of joy before the great collapse

It feels like I’ve never left
It feels like my place of rest
It feels so wrong and yet so relieving
It feels like I’m home again

The bitter taste of relapse
Sweet denial before the great collapse

Welcome back to the title screen
Go claim your old identity
Return to your former glory
Or start anew. And turn your back on reality

Let it ease your pain
Lie down and relax
Leave it all behind
Let go off the past

It’s seems like I will never know what it is
To feel truly alive
Since I’m kept anesthetized
I might as well go and dive…

…Deeper into self denial
Bury my mind for good this time

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